CuroPark is commercial business centers parking solution.



Some of the salient features.

Dynamic Spot Allocation

Parking spot can be predefined in the system for employee, cabs and guests. The spot can be added or removed from the user profile as per requirements. Pre-defined spot booking removes the confusion created on arrival.

Customized dashboard

CURO parking dashboard contains important information like no. of allocated parking, non-allocated parking, total parking, employee vehicle (car and Bike), cabs and guest vehicle. Intelligent color-coded charts represent the empty spot and the filled spot.

Optimized Parking

Parking space is optimally utilized with CURO parking solution. Vehicle ingress and egress are automatically updated for filled and empty spot. Patrons can maneuver the vehicle to final destination based on real data through mobile app or web server.

Positive Reinforcement of Brand Equity

Brand equity is intangible; therefore, it needs a constant reinforcement through high quality service. CURO parking solution are ideally designed to boost the brand image for large commercial parking areas.

Multiple modes of operation

CURO parking solution offers flexible modes of operation, Viz. server application, web portal, facility manager/guard app and mobile app. Server application are primarily used for managing RFID authorization and boom barrier operation. Web portal is used for managing application by different user. Company and employee data can be configured and managed through the web portal. Mobile app offers remote access to the system for users.

Increased Security

Data is collected and aggregated into database for future reference. Relevant data can be pulled up as per requirements. In case of any security mishap like theft, burglary, crime data can prove invaluable in resolving the case.

Reduced pollution

Vehicle user spent decent amount of fuel just searching for a vacant parking spot. With CURO parking solution, this will be a thing of the past. Reduced fuel consumption means lesser pollution and a greener environment.

Integrated Payment

With CURO parking solution there is no need for daily manual payment at check in counter. User can login to the system and make the payment through mobile app. Loyalty program can be introduced depending upon the duration cycle of the payment made.