NS-PMS is parking management software.


NS-PMS is parking management software.

Parking guidance system

Parking guidance system forms an integral part of parking management system. It reduces the time and fuel spent by vehicle drivers while searching for an appropriate spot. It consists of a LED display board indicating the direction, location and no. of empty slot. Video surveillance and digital video recorder can also be integrated into parking guidance system.

Automatic access control system

Parking management system is integrated with access control systems like boom barrier, ticket dispenser systems, barrier control for creating a fully functional automatic vehicle parking solution. Access control can be implemented with multiple credentials.

Software for reporting vehicle statistics

Parking management system consists of a dedicated software that continuously generates reports of empty and filled slot at different time frame as per client requirements. Comprehensive data allows the management to take effective decision while allocating resources.

Ultrasonic sensors

Premium ultrasonic sensors installed at each car slots monitor lot wise occupancy. Ultrasonic sensors are configured to the parking management software for real time status of the parking slot (filled or empty). Sensors are highly immune to electromagnetic noisy environments.

3rd Party integration

Parking management system can be integrated with third party application or software as per client’s requirements.

Slots per vehicle type

Novus automation parking management system allocated slots differently for two and four wheelers, thus, utilizing all available spaces.


Clients can avail the customization as per individual requirements. Customization can be in any form- feature wise, Software architecture wise, layout or design wise.

Penalty for time or space violations

With Novus Automation parking management system, defaulter can be easily identified. As per the violations, appropriate penalty can be levied on the patron thus boosting the revenue and ensuring greater compliance.

Technical specs

NS-PMS is parking management software.

Parameters Description
Hardware Specifications for Server Model
CPU Intel® CoreTM i3 processor
Hard Disk Drive 500 GB (Or as required)
Operating System Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 or above)
Database MYSQL
Network controller 1x 10/100/1000 Mbps
System Architecture Browser based multi-tier system
Hardware Specs for Embedded Model
Model NS-PMS
CPU Arm, Quad Core @ 1.8GHz
Memory 2 GB
Storage 16 GB eMMC
Display 1×HDMI, 1x VGA
Communication Interface TCP-IP, 1x 100/1000 LAN
Working temperature -20~+50°C
Power 5 V DC
Size 126 mm× 91.3mm

N / W Diagram

NS-PMS is parking management software.

Parking Management System