RFID gate based automated school attendance system.


RFID gate based automated school attendance system.

Broad coverage

CuroConnect encompasses a wide range of student records starting from admission to result generation, assignments and TC. In short, one can call it a complete student management software.

Automated Attendance

Manual attendance is a thing of the past with CUROCONNECT School management software. RFID based attendance gate ensures that attendance of students is marked automatically, the moment students passes the RFID gate. Automation eliminates any possibilities of incorrect information being recorded.

Modular and Scalable architecture

User do have the option to select a specific module in the software as per the current requirements. For ex., if a school wishes to opt for only attendance solution, they can do so without paying for other modules. Moreover, CuroConnect software can be scaled seamlessly to handle additional record of students in the future.

Robust Security

Data of school in no less valuable than any other big corporation data. Keeping this in mind, we have ensured an impenetrable security for our clients. Unauthorized entry into the system can be automatically detected and thwarted.

Seamless third-party integration

CuroConnect can be seamlessly integrated with 3rd party application like Bio-metrics attendance system, transport system, accounting system or the school’s existing website.

Easy Implementation

CuroConnect software is easy to implement. Software can be installed and made running within no period of time. Clients can sign up, sit back and relax while the software starts recording information at a drop of a hat.

Report Generation

Reports can be generated for the finished and unfinished tasks with the CuroConnect system. Reports provide an insightful analysis into the generated data for both schools and parents.

Technical Specs

RFID gate based automated school attendance system.

Parameters Description
Model Curo Connect
Frequency 865~868 MHz or 902~928 (optional)
Antenna Type Built-in 12dbi
Communication Port TCP/IP
Protocol ISO18000-6C (EPC-GEN2)
RF power 26 dB (adjustable)
Work Mode Active/Answer/Trigger
Power + 9~12 V, 2 AMP DC
Operating Temp -10°~ +55 °
Storage Temp -20°~ +75°
Weather proof rating IP54
Reading Clue Buzzer, LED
Dimension 260×260×60MM
Certifications CE, ISO, 9001, 27001
Package Reader, Power adapter, mounting bracket

N / W Diagram

RFID gate based automated school attendance system.

N/W Diagram