Vgo-Ezy is a access control solution.



Vgo-Ezy is a access control solution.

Customized access level

Vgo-Ezy facilitates designing of access levels for staff, guests and full-time user. Access can be categorized into different levels like A, B, C etc. level A can be assigned to guest for washroom clearance only while level B can be allocated to staff and support personnel with clearance for washrooms and conference room only. Similarly, provisioning can be made for level C.

Set up redemption and maturity date

For guests and once in a moon visitor smart card can be set up for customized date. This ensures smooth entry and exit for the guests. Once the maturity date passes, access will be denied. It can be redeemed again with the consultation of system admin.

Time range allocation

Movement can be restricted for non-frequent members and guests. System can be programmed for entry between specific time period only. For ex. Tutor, laundryman will have access for a particular time of the day only. Relaxation can be made only after consultation with system admin.

User profile creation

With Vgo-Ezy end to end solution, customer can create a unique profile for each inhabitants/employee. One user can be assigned single or multiple credentials as per requirement. The credentials are mapped to the user in the system for future authentication and validation. Once the profile is created, access is possible only via the authorized credentials.

Omni-cast video surveillance integration

Security can be further bolstered by integrating surveillance feature to the system. Surveillance is performed by IP cameras which can be installed at strategic locations. Outer perimeter security becomes virtually impenetrable with surveillance integration. It can also prove invaluable in cracking unfortunate cases like theft, crimes etc.

Enroll multiple credentials

Vgo-Ezy software allows enrolling of multiple credentials for a single and multiple user. The credentials could be in the form of RFID tags, access cards, QR codes, UHF card, proximity card etc. Multiple credentials ensure uninterrupted access in case of emergency.

Auto device Identification

Device identification is one of the prominent feature f Vgo-Ezy. The software allows it under discovery section. All the controllers deployed are reflected. Controllers type is also highlighted for quick identification.

Reporting and audit trail

Vgo-Ezy system maintains a log of each and every transaction carried out via various credentials. The logs are maintained in the database for future use. The report can be pulled out at any moment for viewing any specific record.

Technical Specs

Vgo-Ezy is a access control solution.

Parameters Description
Management Web based management
Operating System Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 or Higher)
Database MY SQL
Notifications Push notification, dashboard and App
Access Control Features Access Group, User Master, Controller and door management, Anti Pass-back Alarm Linkage, time-profile,
Smart Features Surveillance Integration, API integration, ANPR integration, Hardware integration (Card/QR access) with Visitor management.
Hardware Requirements for Server Model
CPU Intel Xeon i5 Or Higher
HDD 500 GB OR More as per requirements
Network Interface 1x 10/100/1000 Mbps
Users Unlimited (Hardware configuration will differ for no of modules and users)
Operating System UBUNTU 14.04 or Higher
Database My SQL
Management Interface Web Based Management (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge)
System Architecture Web Based, Multi-tier system
Hardware Specifications for Embedded Model
Model NS-Vgo-Ezy
CPU Arm, Quad Core @ 1.8GHz
Memory 2 GB
Storage 16 GB eMMC
Display 1×HDMI, 1x VGA
Communication Interface TCP-IP, 1x 100/1000 LAN
Working temperature -20~+50°C
Power 5 V DC
Size 126 mm× 91.3mm
Users 1000
OS Embedded Linux
Database My SQL
Management Interface Web Based Management (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge)
System Architecture Web Based, Multi-tier system

N / W Diagram

Vgo-Ezy is a access control solution N / W Diagram.

Vgo-Ezy N/W Diagram