Fully Automatic Flap Barrier (NS-FS5-P810)

About this product

  • Uses flaps or arms to restrict access to a secured area
  • Can be integrated with various identification methods
  • Prevents multiple people from entering with a single authorization
  • Backed by an automatic reset function
  • Made of sturdy materials that can withstand heavy usage.
  • Supports infrared alarm for illegal intrusion.

Appearance Dimension 1200*300*1000mm
Cabinet material SUS304 , body 1. 0 mm, cover 1. 2 mm thick
Door material Board 15 mm thick acrylic,15mm acrylic, transparent, red, blue gate, can be replaced with soft wing or retractablewing.
channel width ≤600mm
Ambient temperature - 25 degrees ~ 70 degrees
Input voltage 220V _
Motor DC brushless motor
Driving voltage 24V_
Equipment power 40w
Response time 0.2s
Opening and closing time < 0.5s
Service life ≥10 million times
Passing speed Normally open 50 people/min; normally closed 35 people/min
Communication Interface RS485
Communication Distance less than 1200m
Open signal input dry contact

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