Tyre Killer (NS-TKS10-H360)

About this product

  • Extended length for broader coverage
  • Rapid action enhances security measures
  • Emergency hand pump for power failures
  • Loop detections ensure safety
  • Suitable for high-security access points
  • Reliable performance with 380V AC supply

Tyre killer Length 3.5M, Spikes 60 degree blocking position approx, 450 mm above ground, Two loop detections should be provided for safety operations
Rising time 2-3sec and lowering time 2-3sec
Hand pump for emergency operation in case of power failure accumulator is built in Control cabinet for tyre kill
Voltage 380V AC


Our advanced vehicle barrier system is a premier physical security device engineered to prevent unauthorized vehicle movement. Ideal for controlled access points, this barrier maintains a 60-degree blocking position with rapid rise and lower times, ensuring heightened security and efficient traffic management.

Extended Coverage

3.5M Length: Provides comprehensive coverage, effectively blocking larger areas to prevent unauthorized vehicle access.

Enhanced Security Measures

60° Blocking Position: This robust angle significantly improves security, making it challenging for vehicles to bypass the barrier.

Efficient Operation:

Rapid Rise/Lower Time: The barrier operates swiftly with a rise and lower time of just 2-3 seconds, facilitating quick responses and minimizing traffic disruption.

Emergency Preparedness:

Hand Pump Operation: Equipped with a manual hand pump, this feature allows for quick and reliable barrier operation during power failures, ensuring continuous security.

Safety and Reliability:

Loop Detections: Advanced loop detection systems guarantee safe and reliable barrier performance, preventing accidental operations and enhancing safety.

Power Compatibility:

Voltage: 380V AC: Designed to operate efficiently on a 380V AC power supply, ensuring compatibility with standard electrical systems in high-security environments.


Parking Lots: Controls vehicle access and improves the security of parking facilities.
Checkpoints: Ideal for use at security checkpoints where controlled access is critical.
Secure Facilities: Provides robust security for sensitive areas such as military bases, government buildings, and industrial sites.


Extended Length for Broader Coverage: The 3.5-meter length ensures wider area coverage, enhancing security and control over larger access points.
Rapid Action for Enhanced Security Measures: Quick rise and lower times bolster security by enabling immediate response to potential threats.
Emergency Hand Pump for Power Failures: Ensures barrier functionality during power outages, maintaining security at all times.
Loop Detections for Safety: Prevents accidental operations and ensures the barrier only activates when necessary.
Reliable Performance with 380V AC Supply: Operates consistently on standard high-voltage power supplies, suitable for high-security applications.

This vehicle barrier system is a reliable and robust solution for any environment requiring strict vehicular access control. Its advanced features and durable construction make it an essential component for enhancing security measures and ensuring safe, efficient operation in various high-security settings.

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