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Our innovations and breakthrough products are unique in terms of their features and application areas/utility.

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Our solutions are going to be the benchmark and trend setters of their respective fields that will constantly push the industry forward.

Parking Management

Parking management system with parking guidance system to detect free slots available for parking. The analytics detects and tracks vehicles coming in and going out, keeps a count and provides parking occupancy and availability data based on user defined capacity statistics.

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Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring is a part of network management. A web based system for multi-agnostic monitoring of network assets. Monitoring of network devices is done for performance metrics (device Availability, CPU process, memory utilization, bandwidth Utilization, Rx, Tx etc.) and related fault.

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CURO Connect is a School Management System with inbuilt support for RFID gate based school attendance system, Fees module with Online Payment option and Communication system. It is helpful in notify parents about child entering/exiting school real time with other benefits.

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Vgo-Ezy a web-based system offering 5 smaller modules on a single platform. Modular units are access control, vehicle control(residential), visitor management and elevator control. Vgo-Ezy supports multiple credentials ranging from proximity card to RFID tags, UHF card and mifare.

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CuroPark solution has been developed for commercial business center. It's implementation ensures that patrons can easily locate a vacant parking spot without randomly searching for it. This results in saving of time and manual resources. The whole destination arrival process gets automated.

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