Handheld Metal Detector (NS-HS1-V110)

About this product

  • The TW-HH100 High Sensitivity Hand Held Metal Detector is designed for conducting personnel security checks in various settings, including airports, customs, railways, schools, and stadiums.
  • It can also be utilized for inspecting hand baggage, mail, and parcels, enhancing overall security measures.
  • It effectively detects and locates hidden weapons, knives, and other concealed metal objects, ensuring the safety of individuals.

Dimension 295*68*28mm
Net Weight 170g (No battery)
Operation Voltage DC 7~12V
Staple 30-50mm
Tiananmen-Style Pistol 200mm
38 Caliber Pistol 250mm
Standard Features Streamlined appearance, easy to carry and operate, convenient, easy charging.
Standard Features Low power consumption, 270MA battery charge one-time can work continuously for more than 40hours. When switching 9V is down to 7V, the detection range keeps the same.
Standard Features When the power is insufficient, there is an automatic and continuous alarm to remind you charge or replace the battery.
Standard Features Light weight, small and exquisite, large area detection sensor to detect quickly.
Standard Features There are high and low sensitivity options.
Standard Features Two-alarm modes are available LED lights and an audible alarm or vibrating alarm.
Standard Features With superior shock resistance, durable, can fall from a one-meter height without damage.
Standard Features With an LED signal strength indicator

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