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Effective parking management is becoming increasingly crucial in this day and age. Thanks to modern technology, organizing and managing parking areas can now be done more effectively. Three of the most effective technologies for managing parking lots are License Plate Recognition (LPR), LPR + Ticket Dispenser, and RFID Card Parking. These solutions make it easier for users to access & manage their parking spots with minimal effort. Installing an effective parking system can help to reduce the amount of traffic and overcrowding in the lot, as well as ensure safety by keeping out any unauthorized vehicles. Furthermore, it allows for efficient monitoring & tracking of cars coming in or leaving the premises. All in all, these tech advances can make managing parking much more convenient, secure and efficient for customers & business owners.

There are three variants for managing the parking :-


LPR Parking

Parking management is an important part of urban infrastructure and it can be made more efficient with the help of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) based IN and OUT systems. These systems are capable of recognizing vehicles as they enter and leave parking lots, allowing for automated tracking and billing. ANPR based IN and OUT systems provide a cost-effective solution for managing parking lots in urban areas.


RFID Card Parking Equipment

This type of system uses RFID cards to identify vehicles and control access, making it easier to manage parking lots and garages. With this technology, businesses can easily track who is entering and exiting their premises as well as monitor how long they have been there. Additionally, RFID Card Parking Equipment can help reduce the cost associated with manual parking management by automating the process.


LPR+Ticket Dispenser

The ANPR based IN and OUT system uses cameras to capture vehicle license plate numbers as they enter or exit a parking area, while the ticket dispenser provides tickets with specific information such as date, time, duration of stay etc. This helps in ensuring that only authorized vehicles can park in the designated area, while also providing an efficient way of collecting fees from users. The combination of these two technologies makes it easier to manage parking areas more effectively and efficiently.



Streamline your parking management with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) based in and out systems.

Real-time detection and recognition process for vehicle license plates.

Automatically track and bill vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot for efficient management.

Supports capturing of license plate along with the car image.

Ticket dispenser to provide tickets with precise information such as date, time, duration of stay and other important details.

Cost-effective solution for managing parking lots in urban areas, saving time and money.

Reliable performance with good accuracy and low false positives.

support third party integration.

Automated fee collection with the help of these two technologies to make parking management easier.

Streamline the process of parking in designated areas for authorized vehicles .

The software compares the time of entry and exit, calculates the payment amount, & then the vehicle leaves after completing payment.

White-list configuration is supported.


Application Scenarios

Residential Area Entrance


Apartment Entrance


Hotel Entrance


Office Building Entrance


School Entrance


Industrial Park Entrance


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