Radar (NS-9243-A)

About this product

  • Employed for traffic control purposes.
  • Detects vehicles within a range of 1-100 meters (3-328 feet).
  • Reports speeds exceeding 138 mph.
  • Provides speed accuracy within 0.5%.
  • Reports vehicle direction (inbound / outbound).
  • Easy to install and maintain.

Operating Frequency 24.00-24.25GHz
Transmit Power 11 dBm
Transmit Antenna Azimuth 20˚
Transmit Antenna Altitude 24˚
Power Dissipation 1.7W (typ)
UART Pin Signal Level 3.3V
RS-232 Pin Signal Level ±5V
Supply Voltage 5-24V
Operating Temperature -40˚ to +85˚C

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