Vgoezy is an innovative access control system designed to provide a secure environment for businesses and organizations. It uses advanced technologies such as ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and UHF tag (Ultra High Frequency) to manage vehicle and and use card to control elevators and access control. With Vgoezy, businesses can ensure that only authorized personnel enter their premises, while also monitoring the traffic flow in and out of the building. Moreover, the Vehicle Management System offers users real-time tracking of vehicles coming into or leaving their properties. This way they can keep track & safeguard their assets from any potential theft or unauthorized access. With Vgoezy, businesses can make sure that their premises are secure at all times with minimal effort and cost.

Vgoezy comes with 4 modules :-


Vehicle Control Unit

VCU is an innovative vehicle access control system that provides a secure and convenient way for drivers to gain access to the premises. The Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) utilizes card or UHF tag credentials to grant vehicles access to the premises. This ensures that only authorized vehicles are granted entry, while also providing a secure and automated way of granting access

  •   Vgoezy provides a secure way to access any premises.
  •   No more tedious waiting in line to get through the gate. The Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) grants access to authorized vehicles with ease, using card or UHF tag credentials.
  •   Innovative and efficient, Vgoezy ensures a smooth driving experience with no interruption or delays.

Elevator Control Unit

Vgoezy provides users with a revolutionary Elevator Control Unit (ECU) that allows them to call the elevator to their assigned floor by using a card. This ECU is a suitable choice for residential, commercial, and hospital settings. It offers a more timely and safe floor access than waiting for an elevator or manually pressing buttons.

  •   Unlock effortless access to your desired floor with Vgoezy's Elevator Control Unit (ECU).
  •   Keep yourself and your premises safe with ECU's advanced safety features.
  •   This revolutionary ECU is designed to work in any space, from homes to commercial buildings and even hospitals.


Licence Plate Unit

LPU is an innovative solution that uses vehicle license plate information to grant vehicle access to the premises. It is a unique system that helps the License Plate Unit (LPU) in managing and monitoring vehicles entering and exiting the premises.

  •   Automate your access control process with Vgoezy. Keep out unauthorized vehicles and keep track of who comes in and out.
  •   Easy to use and hassle-free system that requires just a few clicks to get going.
  •   The license plate recognition feature guarantees accurate entries, every time.

Access Control Unit

Access Control Unit (ACU) that provides businesses with a secure and efficient way to grant users access to their premises. It uses cards to grant users access based on door permissions, allowing businesses to control who has access to which areas.

  •   Vgoezy ACU gives businesses the power to control and manage access to their premises with ease.
  •   Utilize the power of cards to grant users access to the areas they are allowed access.
  •   Get complete control over user access, allowing businesses maximum security and convenience.


Get real-time updates and historical tracking of all events taking place in your organization.

Generate comprehensive reports of vehicle in/out activity for accurate tracking.

Easily export user logs data for further analysis and use.

Advanced management features to allocate groups and flats, configure time profiles and access groups, manage users and vehicles.

Comprehensive filtering to quickly search access/denied log.

Keep a close eye on door events and monitor unauthorized access attempts.

Advanced camera management with control over door types, digital input & aux input as well as digital output & aux output.

Configure alarm linkages for security and network storage to keep your data safe

Keep an eye on suspicious activity with blacklist & blocked reports feature.


Application Scenarios

Residential Area Entrance


Apartment Entrance


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