Flap Barrier (NS-FS9-V230)

About this product

  • Thickness: Top: 1.2mm, Body: 1.2mm for robustness.
  • Supports single and bi-directional movement.
  • Standard 550mm channel width for easy access.
  • 4 pairs of active infrared intrusion detectors.
  • AC110~220V±10% power input accepted
  • Triple-color LED and buzzer for guidance.

Appearance Dimension 1200*300*1000mm
Material Structure 304 original brushed stainless steel, acrylic
Channel Width 550mm
Thickness The full thickness of the outer box is 1.2 + 1.0mm
Traffic Speed Traffic Speed
Traffic Direction One-way traffic/two-way traffic
Movement Structure Guide rail structure
Opening Mode ID / IC card swiping and other reading head verification opening, infrared induction automatic opening, button opening, etc.
Opening Signal Dry contact signal
Protection Function Current anti pinch, infrared anti pinch, illegal intrusion infrared alarm
Service Life ≥ 6 million times
Infrared Quantity 3 pairs (4 pairs can be customized)
IP Rating 44
Power 30-60w
Applicable Temperature -15~75 ℃ (add thermostat below this temperature)
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