Full Automatic Swing Gate (NS-SS1-V41D3)

About this product

  • The mechanical components are precisely manufactured using the CNC process to ensure long-term operation without any deformation.
  • The movement of the system has been granted a national utility model patent, and it operates smoothly with a gentle driving system.
  • The system includes a fault self-inspection function and alarm prompts, along with a built-in voice prompt feature.
  • An infrared alarm system is integrated to detect and alert against any unauthorized intrusion.
  • It also features an automatic reset function.
  • If there is no passage detected within a specified time after opening the gate, the system will automatically revoke the user's permission to pass.
  • The standard time for automatic reset is 3 seconds after opening.
  • The system provides audible and visual alarm functions, including alerts for illegal intrusion, trailing, and gate closure.

Dimension 1200*185*970mm
Material 304 stainless steel, tempered glass, acrylic
Channel Width 600-850mm
Outer Box 1.0mm
Motor DC 24V brushless motor, low noise
Traffic Direction 1-way traffic/2-way traffic; Traffic speed: 35-40 persons /m
Opening Signal Dry contact signal
Life ≥ 6 million times
Infrared Quantity 4 pairs
Power 40-60W
Applicable Temperature - 20~75 ℃


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