QR Code Reader (NS-RS1-V127-E/M)

About this product

  • TW-AER81 is an intelligent QR code reader that offers ID card verification capabilities.
  • It supports QR code scanning from both paper documents and mobile phones.
  • The TW-AER81 is compatible with interfaces such as Wiegand, RS485, and RS232.
  • The reader is constructed using high-quality materials such as PC Material, a Reading Window, and Tempered Glass.
  • It boasts a fast reading speed of less than 200 milliseconds.
  • The reader features various indicator lights, including a red working light, a green feedback light, and a light green network indicator.

Product QR Code Access Control Reader
Material PC Material, Reading Window, Tempered Glass
Card Type ID Card (IC/NFC Optional)
Reading Speed 200ms
Working Voltage 5~15V
Scanning Feature 0-20cm
Working Temperature 2MP dual-lens camera
Working Humidity Speaker
Interface Reserved for extended speaker interface
Indicator Light TCP/IP, USB
Decoding Support Yes


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