Network Access Controller (NS-ACU-1001/1002)

About this product

  • Backed by Built-in Web Management Interface.
  • Equipped with TCP/IP communication that provides reliable network system.
  • It can control 1 door by reader (Entry/Exit), or 1 reader and 1 exit button.
  • It combines push technology to communicate with server.
  • The system supports dynamic event rule.
  • Supported by primary and slave mode.

CPU Arm Architecture Arm Architecture
Storage 8GB 8GB
Communication TCP/IP 100M/1000M TCP/IP 100M/1000M
Management Interface Web Management Web Management
Card/user Capacity 100,000 Users (Standalone mode) 100,000 Users (Standalone mode)
Log Event Buffers(offline) 500,000 events buffers 500,000 events buffers
Number of Readers 2 Readers (Weigand) 2 Readers (Weigand)
Door Controlled 1 door 2 door
Input 2 door sensor and 2 exit devices ACU-1002
Output 4 Relay output (Door and aux) 4 Relay output (Door and aux)
Door opening time 1-600 seconds(adjustable) 1-600 seconds(adjustable)
USB Yes Yes
Door open alarm Yes Yes
Alarm linkage Software and hardware linkage Software and hardware linkage
Remote Door Open Yes Yes
Anti-pass back Yes Yes
Power 5V DC 3 A 5V DC 3 A
Operation Temperature -40°C~70°C -40°C~70°C
Operation Humidity 10-90 % RH , No Condensation 10-90 % RH , No Condensation

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