Boom Barrier (NS-BS8-V60D2)

About this product

  • Telescopic boom up to 6 meters
  • Rapid 1.5-6 sec opening/closing.
  • Supports MCBF 5 million times.
  • Powerful 100W DC brushless motor.
  • Compact 350x260x980 mm dimensions
  • Arm direction change capability included

Boom type (Round / Elliptical / Telescopic) 6 Meter Telescopic
Boom length Up to 6 meter Straight Bar
Opening / Closing 1.5 to 6 Sec
Housing Size (In mm) 350*260*980 (W*D*H)
Housing Material (MS /Steel) Iron + Paint
Motor Type DC Brushless
Motor Power 100Watt
Motor RPM 1500r/min
Motor Torque 0.64n.m
IP Rating IP 54
Input Interface Radar and Ground induction coil signals
Working Temperature -25 to + 75
Remote Control Distance > 30 meter
MCBF 5 million Times
No. of Springs 1
When Power off how to open Boom manual Operation
Arm Direction Change (yesh /No) Yes
Housing Color Grey - Yellow- Black
Weight 37KG


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