Boom Barrier (NS-BS11-V60D)

About this product

  • Build with a 1.8mm thickness for longevity.
  • Operates with power supply of 220VDC.
  • working temperature ranging from -40°C-85°C
  • 150W motor with lifting speed from 1 to 6s.
  • Can function from distance up to 30 meters.
  • Versatile design with telescopic arm options of 4-6m.

Arm Optional Telescopic Arm 4-6m 2pcs remote control Include 6m Arm
Traffic Indication Yes
Opening / Closing 1.5 to 6 Sec
Housing Size (In mm) 320*245*985 (W*D*H)
Thickness 1.8 MM
Working Power Supply 220VDC+10%
Working Temperature 40°C 85°C
Motor Power 150Watt
Lifting speed 1-6S
IP Rating IP 54
Relative Humidity ≤85% No Condensation
Remote Control Distance ≤30 Meter
MCBF 5 million
Color Red - Grey- Black
Weight 45KG
Motor Type DC Brushless
Motor RPM 1500r/min
Motor Torque 0.64n.m


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