About this product

  • The semi-automatic tripod turnstile utilizes a DC brushless motor, providing a smooth and low-resistance passage for individuals.
  • In the event of a power outage, the turnstile's beams will automatically lower, and upon power restoration, they will rise again.
  • The system also features an obstacle detection mechanism to prevent any potential accidents.
  • It offers multiple working modes, including bi-directional and single-directional, which can be easily configured using the buttons on the main control board.
  • The turnstile can be seamlessly integrated with various functions and face detection biometric systems, allowing for contactless and efficient usage.

Dimension 1200*230*980mm
Material 304 original brushed stainless steel, acrylic
Channel Width 510mm
Thickness The full thickness of the outer box is 1.0 + 1.2mm
Traffic Direction One-way traffic/two-way traffic
Traffic Speed 25~30 people/min in normally open mode and 15~20 people/min in normally closed mode; The actual traffic speed is different from the traffic environment and personnel
Opening Mode ID / IC card swiping and other reading head verification opening, button opening, etc
Opening Signal Dry contact signal
Life ≥5 million times
Power 30-60W
Applicable Temperature -20~75 ℃ (add thermostat below this temperature)


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