Parking Lock Barrier (NS-PBS10-V001)

About this product

  • Rapid rise/ fall operation within 5 seconds.
  • Remote contro up to 50 meters.
  • Durable IP67-rated for harsh enviroments.
  • Low power consumption (≤0.85A).
  • Wide Temprature range (-10°C to +70°C).
  • DC6V power source for convenience.

Dimensions 450*450*75mm Rising height :400mm
Weight 7KG
Rated Voltage DC6V
Static Current ≤0.8MA
Working Current ≤0.85A
Rise/Fall Running Time ≤5S
Remote Controlled Distance ≤50M Environment Temperature:-10°C~+70°C Protection Grade:IP67


The smart parking barrier is a versatile solution designed for efficient parking management. Its compact design, measuring 450x450x75mm, includes a 400mm rising height and a weight of just 7KG, making it easy to install and manage. This barrier is built to withstand harsh environments, with an IP67 protection grade and a wide temperature range.

Durability and Environmental Resilience:

IP67-rated protection ensures resistance against dust and water. Operates reliably within a wide temperature range of -10°C to +70°C, making it suitable for various climatic conditions.

Rapid and Efficient Operation:

Features a rapid rise and fall time of within 5 seconds, ensuring time-efficient vehicle entry and exit. Enhances parking access and security with its swift operational capabilities.

Convenient Remote Control:

Offers remote control operation up to 50 meters, providing convenience and ease of use for users.

Low Power Consumption:

Operates on a DC6V power source with minimal power usage (≤0.85A), ensuring cost-effective and energy-efficient performance.

User-friendly and Easy Maintenance:

Designed for simplified installation and maintenance, reducing operational downtime and ensuring longevity.

Enhanced Security and Access:

Improves parking access control and enhances security measures in parking facilities.

Adaptable to Harsh Conditions: Built to withstand challenging weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance and durability in diverse environments. By incorporating these features, the smart parking barrier provides a robust, reliable, and user-friendly solution for modern parking management needs.

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