About Novus

Novus Automation Pvt. Ltd. strives to innovate solutions for customer’s unaddressed need which are not fulfilled by existing solutions. NOVUS is lead by a team of dedicated professionals from different field to innovate possibilities. The team engages in the development of new product and solutions which are new either on the basis of entirely new features or cost effectiveness. Our innovating thoughts, reliable product and services, talented people and responsible approach to business, take us to the new directions of reality. The company offers products and solutions related to IT and IT enabled services ranging from Security Surveillance, Networking, Telecommunication, and Life Style, among others.

Our professionals are well acquainted with the painful areas of end user. They work over these areas and analyze them to find out the possibilities and come out with the impact solution considering the optimum utilization of existing one by value addition or by designing NEW and cost effective solution involving software and hardware.

Our innovations and breakthrough products and solutions are unique in terms of their features and application areas/utility. They are going to be the benchmark and trend setters of their respective fields that will constantly push the industry forward.

Ever enhancing team of experts from the respective fields is relentlessly working to achieve the goals. We embrace the development of technology and extend its usage exponentially in our innovations. We stringently follow our values and focusing to reach out the customer of all categories.







We believe that we evolved to innovate. We intend to provide/Our aim is to provide remarkable and qualitative solutions to the industry. Solutions that make customer happy are the motivation and inspiration behind NOVUS.

  • Openness
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Customer Relationship